Power Rangers Parties Pack Some Punch

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Power Rangers Parties Pack Some Punch

The Power Rangers have been a popular theme for parties for many years now. They stay popular with kids of all ages because they provide fun, action packed entertainment. That means that they also provide the tools necessary to have a power packed birthday party. This themed parties have a great selection of party decorations, activities, and food ideas.

Party decorations

The decorations for a Power Rangers party start will let your theme stand out. Some of the best items you can decorate with are:

Stand up action figures. They will bring dimension to your flat surfaces. They look great on a gift table, the food table, or refreshment area.

A combination of Mylar balloons and latex balloons by entry ways. Hold the balloon bouquets down with primary colored weighted bases. That will really bring out the theme’s colors.

Hang a happy birthday banner over the gift area. It is a nice way to decorate that area while not cluttering it.

Make sure that you get the plates, napkins, cups, and stemware that are specifically for a Rangers themed party.

There are life size Power Rangers cut-outs available. They make a neat background to a party and are a great setting for photos too. After the party they are a great room decoration for your little birthday boy or girl.

Power packed activities

Power Rangers are resourceful, smart, and clever. Why not make your games that way? You can create games that are not only fun but require the kids to use their creativity. One great idea is to take some wooden blocks (similar to Jenga blocks) and see how high they can be stacked before they topple. The winners get prizes. Another fun activity is to do a relay race (inside our outside) involving putting a Power Rangers costume on, running to a certain point and having a team member take over from there. You’re guaranteed to have the kids cheering, clapping, and laughing.

Festive food

There are great food ideas that you can incorporate for a themed party, however, the biggest one is the cake. There are great cake toppers and cupcake decorations that you can use. Cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular because they are less messy and a great size. No matter which route you decide to go you’ll be given a wide variety of decorations to use on it. If you serve any other food all you need to do is make sure you serve it on Power Rangers plates. Put a name tag in front of your food selections with Rangers stickers on it. That way you can turn pizza into Power Pizza, jell-o squares become Energy Cubes, and M & Ms become Rangers Pills.

One of the most powerful parts of a Powers Rangers themed party is that it really lets you become the party planner with a punch. You’ll be remembered and stand out as having one of the funnest parties of the year. Making your party a success is a fun and exciting task which you can plan with your little birthday boy or girl.

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