How to Approach a Random Girl – One Girl at a Time

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May 28, 2018
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How to Approach a Random Girl – One Girl at a Time

Are you wondering how to approach a random girl? There is something about approaching girl groups that can make a guy sweat in all the wrong places. With girl groups being so intimidating, start simply with one girl at a time.

Most of us know that a guy who can’t make a simple approach is going to have a difficult time with every other aspect of girls and dating.

We tend to make it more difficult than it really is in our minds. We don’t give ourselves enough room for error. Leaving a small margin of error for near misses and total bombs helps you develop the skills and the practice that is necessary for ultimate success.

Approaching girls doesn’t have to be quite distressing. But just like anything else the more you practice the better you’ll get at it. Just because you’re approaching a girl doesn’t mean you have to ask her out. It just means that you want to strike up a conversation or just simply leave her with a simple compliment.

The less invested in the outcome, the easier it is to practice your approach. Starting with girls that are maybe not your ideal woman can help calm you down. What makes the approach so difficult is that we don’t want to blow our shot. If we’re not really all that worked up about how she responds the easier it is to practice.

Being sincere but giving her a compliment is not a bad way to get started. If you stumble through the process, bear in mind that many women find a flustered guy to be attractive. You are practicing in order to build up your confidence. The more confident you are the easier this potentially palm sweaty experience will be.

As you build up your confidence you will find that you’re ready to graduate from compliments and conversation starters to asking a woman out for coffee or a drink on the spot. As time passes and you realize that approaching girls is just an acquired skill, you will be the guy that other guys ask for advice.

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