Tips For Creating a Calming Bedroom

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Tips For Creating a Calming Bedroom

A bedroom should be a personal retreat where you start and end each day, and the more relaxing an oasis you can make it the better. A tired and cluttered bedroom can affect your physical and mental well-being.

Here are some tips to transform your chaotic epicentre into one of bliss and tranquility.

1. Bed Linens
The largest visual element of the bedroom is the bed, but another just as big are the bedding covers. When it comes to choosing your bed linens this is the opportunity to splurge, you'll be spending several hours a night on them so why not?

Make sure your linens do not only appeal to your sight, but also to your tactile sensations and how they will feel against your skin. Splashing out on quality bed linens can make the simple bedrooms look stunning. Use the best down fillings for pillows and comforters and the best mattress you can afford.

2. Color
When it comes to colors it is best to choose those that relax and calm you most. You can be dramatic if you wish but always keep in mind that this needs to contribute to the peace and calmness of the whole space. Color can be introduced in several ways via, painting the walls, decorative lamps and lampshades, or the soft furnishings including cushions, curtains and artwork.

Focal points can vary from room to room and personal tastes. In some rooms it could be the ornate antique double poster bed, an amazing sea or countryside view, or an oversized piece of artwork dominating one of the walls.

3. De-Clutter
Do you feel a sense of peace as you walk into your bedroom or a sense of overwhelming tiredness? Whether you have too much stuff on the dresser or piles of laundry overflowing the basket, the more stuff you have lying around the more confining and smaller the room will appear.

Systematically organize your room so you clear surfaces and things are put away with unnecessary clutter such as books and ornaments kept to a minimum.

4. Purpose
Keep your bedroom a bedroom. Our homes are often as crowded as our lives and can sometimes become an additional home office.

Sleep experts confirm that you should remove office desks and computers from the bedroom as they detract the mind from the purpose of the room which extremely should serve as a refugee from the day's worries and stress.

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