Bear Hunts Successful Secrets

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December 14, 2018
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Bear Hunts Successful Secrets

Your first step or question is where am I going to hunt? Some of you may be clueless. Some simple advice is to use the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.They will have a list of the farmers who had crop damage from bear in the previous years. One word of advice from my own experience is the smaller bear are in these fields during bear season but, you may be fortunate to find that big one too! If you can find the right field, I promise you will have the hunt of a lifetime.

Remember most farmers do not want these bears around. They damage their fields and cost them a substantial amount of crop loss. You'll see when you interact with them in a conversation. Meet the farmer in person and ask which field has the most damage. Maybe even he or she will take you to the field and walk you around. Be observant and respectful. As you're browsing around the field, look for large trails coming in and out of the field. You will know when you see them. They're much larger than a deer trail. If the ground is soft you also could look for tracks. This will give you an idea on how large or small the bears are.

After you have found an active spot an optional tactic for you would have to put up a trail camera to see the size of the bear entering the field. A personal suggestion is to put some type of height marker on a tree to see how large the bear is. If you do not do this, 150 pound bear looks 400 pounds up close. Believe me; I've been fooled more than once! Once you're convinced this is the spot, go ahead and place your tree stand or ground blind in that spot. Another tactic that is strongly recommended is placing some type of Scent on a rag and hang from a limb. Anise oil or liquid smoke works very good for me

The key to this method of hunting cornfields is to keep an open mind. You may have to move around a few times. One of the best parts of this method is the cost. You will not need to bait continuously costing you time and money. The field is your bait. Plus, you will not have the hunting pressure that other areas will. The more you can seclude yourself from other hunters and their methods, will up your chances to be successful.

Source by Dale A Stafford

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