Banksy Graffiti – Is it Art Or Vandalism?

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March 11, 2019
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Banksy Graffiti – Is it Art Or Vandalism?

The bonding between Banksy and graffiti or / and street art is not to be denied, particularly where the Bristol graffiti movement and industry is involved. His popularity and success today is due to his symbolic graffiti, portraits and also his true identity which remains a well-kept secret from the public at large. Even after 20 plus years of producing attention-grabbing graffiti and art, his identity including his actual looks and name is still a huge mystery. Banksy Graffiti is an excellent choice for both art collectors and investors with the majority of the artist's works commanding rocket high prices. Still, there is huge controversy surrounding the artist and the question "Banksy Graffiti – Is It Art or Vandalism?"

There is a strong correlation between Banksy and Bristol graffiti with the two entities being synonymous to each other. Banksy's career as a graffiti and street artist is also significantly boosted by the aerosol boom in Bristol some time in the 1980s. He was active in Bristol's underground movement while street artists and musicians worked together on numerous projects. He soon developed a trademark technique in producing his works by using a combination of stenciling similar to Frenchman Blek le Rat and also graffiti writing.

Banksy Graffiti and the graffiti scene in Bristol, UK is but one of the many worldwide graffiti locations. The list of extensive popular worldwide graffiti locations include London, New York, Berlin, Melbourne and the likes. These graffiti locations are acknowledged as tourist attractions with huge potential in them.

Banksy's graffiti pictures are known to be available to collectors, dealers and investors both through online and offline venues. A browse on the Internet has revealed stunning collections of these graffiti pictures.

Ardent fans of Banky would most certainly want to get their hands on "Wall and Piece". The book has an extensive collection of photographs, illustrations and witty captions that go along with them. The book is a muchought after merchandise among his fans and art lovers in general.

Regardless of this, Banksy has a history of getting on the wrong side of the books for those in establishments and authority. Due to this, there is controversy surrounding his works which is sometimes thought to be vandalism instead of works of art.

A good example of Banksy's controversial graffiti and street art is one in particular which libraries two policemen kissing affectionately. Due to its provocative nature, it was labeled as vandalism. There were also numerous occasions which saw the removal of Banksy's graffiti. A good example of this was the one that was painted on Tate Britain's steps with the provocative slogan "Mind The Crap." Who would dare to forget the £ 300,000 mural by Banksy which depicted Samuel Jackson and John Travolta from the film Pulp Fiction with bananas in their hands in place of guns. This particular mural was partially painted over by London transport workers ..

To conclude this, the question of "Banksy Graffiti – Is It Art or Vandalism?" really depends on individual perceptions. For those that work with him and adore his art and other works, Banksy is their idol and hero. On the contrary, those in authority and establishments such as the police force, underground workers and such, his graffiti are all nothing other than acts of vandalism.

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