Banksy Monkey – Banksy Fallen Angel

Banksy Graffiti – Is it Art Or Vandalism?
March 11, 2019
Banksy Art
March 11, 2019

Banksy Monkey – Banksy Fallen Angel

For individuals who do not know or who are not familiar with the name Banksy, the graffiti and street artist's success and fuss surrounding him can be intimidating indeed. Started from humble beginnings during Bristol's aerosol boom era, his road to success was well on the way when he succeeded in developing a unique trademark technique which combined stencilling (akin to Blek le Rat's) and graffiti writing. His technique allowed him to create his artwork quicker. Today, the majority of Banksy's art and portraits fetch a hefty price tag. Although they are pricey, the demand for his works are nothing short of overwhelming.

It has been reported that Banksy's art collection over the course of his career is massive. Among his extensive list of work include canvas prints, t-shirts, portraits, books and a film released in 2010. His art can be defined as witty, humorous and provoking at the same time.

The majority of Banksy's graffiti and street art comes with cleverly thought-out captions. They complement his images perfectly. Banksy is a representation and manifestation of the society's inner thoughts. He is also a hero and idol to street artists such as himself in Bristol UK because it was Banksy that pushed street art to the limelight earned attention, respect and commercial value.

Banksy's art is based on a series of different themes. For instance, one of his favorite subjects are monkeys. These monkeys have been described and depicted under various guises and environment. They are often intimidating and provoking yet realistic in every way.

Among the many Banksy monkey artwork includes the Banksy monkey detonator, Banksy parliament, Banksy French monkey, Banksy queen monkey and many more. These monkey images represent many real-life issues made in a different vibe and with a twist. Banksy monkey has been used on an assortment of merchandise from t-shirts, canvas prints, graffiti and so on.

Other than monkeys, Banksy has also been known to use angels in his artwork. As an example, Banksy Fallen Angel is a representation of a person or thing prominent falling out of favor in the eyes of the society. In Banksy Fallen Angel, an angel is seen sitting down; cigarette in one hand and a bottle of alcohol beside him on the ground. This particular piece of artwork has caused controversies due to its religious sentiments.

Another fine example of Banksy angel is widely known as Ozone's Angel. It is Banksy's tribute to British street artist by the name of Ozone who died when an underground train in Barking had hit him. This piece street art in question can be found in Barking. The angel is depicted with a human skull in his hand and wearing a bulletproof vest ..

Banksy monkey and Banksy Fallen Angel are stellar examples of his extensive list of artwork which have appeared on numerous different form of merchandise and products available to art lovers, collectors and just about anyone who are able to afford it. They are among the few of his long list of work that remains highlyought after and broadly reported to be wise investment choices.

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