Banksy Canvas: The Dos And Don'ts

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March 13, 2019
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Banksy Canvas: The Dos And Don'ts

A Banksy canvas is perhaps the most visually affectable style of online canvas printing available. Your photo is superimposed onto a street wall in the style of the revolutionary artist Banksy, giving a very chic and modern result. The contrast between the whites and greys of the background and the vibrant colors of the main subject is a striking and arresting effect that works brilliantly in any environment! For a unique twist to give your photos some bite and sparkle, the Banksy canvas is without a doubt the perfect technique. However, before embarking on the online design process, it is worth bearing in mind a few key tips and tricks – promote the 'dos' and avoid the 'don'ts'!

The DOs of Banksy canvas

1. Use your own photos

Whilst it is possible simply to reproduce one of Banksy's pieces on a canvas print, it is certainly much cooler to design your very own photos in the style of Banksy! There is no button to be pressed to achieve this amazing effect. Expert designers work with much care and attention to detail to transform your snaps into the most awe-inspiring canvas art just for you. Take Banksy as your inspiration and show off your photography skills!

2. Select a photo with contrast lighting

Photos with contrast lighting – defined areas of light and shade (not necessarily black and white) – always look spectacular on a Banksy canvas. When the features and principal aspects are clear and distinct, the print has a great impact and power and can really stand out in your living room. Because your image is beautifully printed with a street wall background, the color contrasts and juxtapositions make the subject particularly prominent already, and prejudice areas of dark and light really makes a workable of wall art.

3. Use your own street if you wish

Perhaps the most wonderful and original element of the Banksy canvas is the ability to use a street that means a lot to you. There is no generic background that all Banksy canvas art prints are placed onto. A photo of the street you live or used to live on, a road on which something amazing happened in your life … Whatever it might be, a Banksy canvas can incorporated that lane into picture.

The DON'Ts of Banksy canvas

1. Choose a photo of 100dpi or less

The best photos for Banksy canvas prints have at least 100dpi, which should be fine for the vast majority of digital cameras, disposable cameras, and many mobile phones. However, this clearly depends on the size of the canvas you wish to purchase, and if you think that you have a photo that might work but you are not sure about its quality, why not get in contact with online companies? Seek advice from them for even the slightest and seemingly most trivial query in order to ensure that your canvas prints are absolutely stunning.

2. Test out your street credentials

Just because you now have your own Banksy canvas does not mean that you can make a dramatic political statement with graffiti on the walls! Be content in the knowledge that your canvas prints are truly sensational!

3. Do not get too jealous of your lucky gift recipient!

When you have given away your beautiful Banksy canvas as a unique gift idea for your friends or family, you will unduly feel a sense of comforting well up inside you. You want their breathtaking photos on canvas! But do not fret. Just get one for yourself too!

Source by Sarah Maria Williams

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