Banksy – An Overview

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March 13, 2019
Banksy and the Value of Street Art
March 14, 2019

Banksy – An Overview

Banksy is a world-wide recognized 'anonymous' street artist. His street "works" are dubbed by many as graffiti and not art. To some, he is considered a political offender because of his chosen subjects. Still, Banksy has a lot of fans who continue to buy his replica creations from all over the world.

His art can be found all over the web and physically in various countries. Originals are priced very highly when they are available. Many celebrities such as Christina Aguilera have purchased his original creations, one costing £ 25,000. Indeed, at auction his stencil of a green Mona Lisa with paint dripping from her eyes was recently sold for £ 57,600. The creation 'Balloon Girl' was sold for £ 37,200 and 'Bomb Hugger' for £ 31,200.

The artist uses satirical street art in order to convey his political opinions. His not works works are painted on walls, streets, and bridges and are easily recognized due to his unique style. The creations themselves full of dark humor and some deem them to be controversial. In his book, he stated that he believes that his art belongs to the street, not in a gallery. He also believes that it is an effective way to bring art to the public by writing graffiti on buildings. These works should be before be accessible to the public rather han be in an exclusive exhibition. In fact, in his website, he expressed his approval for the viewing public to download and use his images and designs for their personal consumption. Because of this, Banksy prints are also now being used as tattoo designs.

From political expression, his street art has turned into statement of art, love, and dedication, for the tattoo bearer. His subjects are usually "anti-war" and "anti-capitalism" in nature. He uses police officers, soldiers, old people, monkeys, and children. Banksy wrote in a wall, "Art is not like other culture because its success is not made by its audience." The public fill concert halls and cinemas every day, we read novels by the millions, and buy records by the bills. "

Some of the more popular Banksy stencil creations in London are: Archway of Charles Mason attempting to hitchhike in prison, the large mural of a child in red hood painting the words "One nation under CCTV" while a police and a dog watch on. The latter was ordered to be covered by Westminster council deputy leader Robert Davis as this encourages the idea that painting graffiti is allowed in London.

With a new exhibition opening in London, Banksy is providing more popular than ever.

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