Banksy Art – What is All the Fuss About?

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March 15, 2019
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Banksy Art – What is All the Fuss About?

Art lovers from Bristol and London in UK would most likely be familiar with the term Banksy and Banksy Art. His status as a successful and popular street and graffiti artist can be intimidating and overwhelming for those who have no clue about the artist or his works. While Banksy is often regarded to be the most respected if not the most respected British graffiti artist today, his career began some 20 years ago during the aerosol boom in Bristol during sometime in the 1980s. As part of the underground movement, street artists collaborated with musicians from different bands on various projects.

Banksy's paintings are said to be largely based upon graffiti. His witty, humorous and often intimidating artwork has made its way to the homes of well-known personalities, art exhibitions, galleries and are often auctioned off for a hefty price.

This article will witness the discussion on the topic of Banksy Art and why he is popular as a graffiti artist today. Banksy's art touches on a myriad of subject and plays strictly on social issues and sentiments such as anti-war, anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian and atheism to name but a few.

In all fairness, Banksy Art is the result of a unique trademark technique which is a combination of graffiti writing with stenciling. Still, when observed closely, it is Banksy's identity in itself that succeeded in boosting his popularity and creating all the fuss.

Even after more than two decades of producing art, many of which are in the streets, his true identity remains unknown to the public. How he succeeds in maintaining anonymity once being the most celebrated British street artist is definitely baffling.

Upon closer inspection, Banksy is an artist which either one loves or loathes. To the hundreds of thousands of his fans, he is loved and respected. To his fellow graffiti and street artists, he is their hero. However, for those in authority, he could be their very worst nightmare. A good example of this would be with the Bristol Council where his street art had been removed and painted over on numerous occasions. Still, because of this, his popularity escalated even further among the public since the public removal of art is viewed negatively and is considered to be a scandalous act.

Banksy's works today has grown to include an extensive list of medium. In addition to paintings, portraits, street art, original art, he has gone on to release what is affectionately labeled as "The world's first street art disaster movie." The film which is entitled "Exit Through The Gift Shop", was recently released in the UK and has, if at all, fueled new interest in him and created even more fuss.

In the said film about street artists including Banksy himself, he has found an ingenious way of hiding his face. His voice is also cleverly changed and appeared to be distributed through the film. How he succeeds to remain anonymous and keep his true identity under tight wraps causing all the fuss and commotion surrounding him. Regardless of this, his popularity and talent as an artist must be acknowledged by all means.

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