Banksy Prints – The Sole Remains?

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March 14, 2019
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March 15, 2019

Banksy Prints – The Sole Remains?

The last year has seen three major Banksy Graffiti pieces destroyed in what appears to be attacks by people who seem jealous of his creativity and certainly lacking the talent to produce their own works.

Soon, it would seem, the only way to see Banksy Art will be by buying Banksy Prints , as more and more of his works are vandalized.

One group have made it clear that they want to destroy his much-loved works in Bristol (the anonymous artists' Home Town).

Are we likely to see any existing Banksy pieces in another year?

Three of the major Banksy Graffiti murals affected are:

Banksy Little Diver

This piece known as the "Little Diver" which was painted on the walls of an alleyway in Melbourne, Australia had been under the protection of acrylic glass, but it provided little protection when the piece was vandalized last year, destroying not only a hugely popular work of street art, but one which had been valued at being worth over $ 400k.

Banksy's Chalk Farm Maid

Last year, one of Banksy's most iconic pieces "The Chalk Farm Maid" was obliterated by whitewash.
Most people conclude that it was that the destruction was the "work" of a rival Graffiti Artist and the message "All the best – Vida" was left behind in red paint.

Perhaps if the vandal had left an image which was as brilliantly executed as the Chalk Farm Maid, people would not have been so devastated by its loss.

Sadly, all that was left was a wash of white paint and a poorly scrawled message.

Banksy's "Mild, Mild West"

A group calling themselves "Appropriate Media" has recently claimed responsibility for spattering this piece, depicting a Teddy Bear about to throw a Molotov cocktail at advancing Riot Police, with red paint.

The Group state that they are opposed to the popularity of Banksy Graffiti with Hollywood movies stars and how his art is bringing about gentrification in working class areas.

As with the Chalk Farm Maid, this group does not seem to have an ounce of Banksy's wit or talent and instead of making their point with a clever piece of street art, they are certainly willing to draw red paint over Banksy's artwork.

It's sad that people are trying to destroy these works of art which have added such valuable and poignant commentary to the urban landscape and worse still – they're replacing them with nothing more than whitewash and emptiness.

Thankfully, it's easy to secure Banksy Prints and Posters and books containing his artwork – but if you can go and see his pieces, before they are removed by bungling Council Officials or jealous, childish attacks, then you would be wise to catch them while you can!

Source by Lora Sutton

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