Why Banksy Canvas Art is So Popular

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March 15, 2019
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March 15, 2019

Why Banksy Canvas Art is So Popular

When it comes to the world of artists, none can compare to the elusive Banksy. Banksy canvas art is both a reverted art form and yet criticized for being so commonplace.

His difference
The primary reason why Banksy canvas art is so popular is because of the artist himself. Banksy prefers to remain elusive and inaccessible to the public. Everyone in London has their own opinion and account of what this artist looks like. However, no one can provide a correct account because no one has seen him in person. He strikes at the streets of London and uses his art to depict thought-provoking wit and humor – all the time making his art accessible to the public. Whilst other artists are busy in self-promotion and being in the limelight, Banksy creates more of an impression by remaining elusive.

The gorgeous art tour
If you walk past the streets of London, you will see the unmistakable imprint of Banksy canvas art on the walls. These art forms are published in bold colors, prints and designs and often reflect the culture and politics of the hip side of London. These are satirical depictions of the life and times of urban London and Banksy does a perfect job of blending his art with sarcasm.

Beauty amidst filth
Most of the Banksy canvas art paintings are along the walls of low-class London. Thus, you will find his paintings adorning the walls of the filthy by-lanes, withered plants and dirty buildings. However, you can not fail to be impressed at the sheer beauty and brilliance of these paintings. Each one is a masterpiece in its own right and holds a special whimsical message of its own.

Pressing subjects
Most of the Banksy canvas art depicts the harsh realities of life but in a humorous and poignant manner. Take for example, the painting depicting an angel mourning the death of a street artist and wearing a vest of bullet-proof materials. Or consider the painting of the ethnic maid who is sweeping the trash underneath a white drape. These paintings show the social reality of racism, social class divisions, poverty, corruption and a whole lot of other issues, which plague society today. Banksy remains an elusive yet pervasive figure in the art scene of London. In an art world where every artist is struggling to get a share of the limelight, Banksy prefers anonymity. He chooses to leave his mark through his art, creating public awareness about critical subjects and leaving more of an impression than his other 'popular' counterparts. Banksy canvas art defies all conventional, traditional norms of art and instead chooses to make society think. In effect, this is what art is certainly supposed to do and Banksy accomplishes this objective like no other artist. His paintings do not invoke the conventional reverential exclusions. Rather, they challenge societal norms and attitudes and do a great job of asking the way we live. Through these paintings, any passer-by gets to see the cultural flavor of an intimate neighborhood, the newest masterpiece by the artist himself and much more!

Source by Luke Wildman

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